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Cutting Clinic May 17, Brenham, TX. Limited to 24 Riders. Click here for info.

Mark your calendars for ACHA Weekend
May 18 - 20, Brenham, TX
Clinic - Silent Auction - Ladies Cutting - Harold Armstrong Youth Scholarship

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Member Spotlight

ACHA Congratulates J.T. West!

JT has been around horses since he can remember. His first horse was a retired cutting horse given to him by Bill Ragland.  As JT progressed in his riding his family started the search to find a horse so JT could start competing in youth rodeos/playdays.  With no luck in finding a good horse, his Papa handed him the reins to MareMare (aka Miss Laredo Pie).  With MareMare’s training and JT’s natural talent, the two became the team to watch.  JT and MareMare won their first All Around Title in 2013, competing in barrels, poles, straights, and goat tying. The duo continued competing the following two years, bringing home more titles, awards and arena records.  In 2015, JT said he was done with the “girl” events and wanted to start cutting and he knew just who to go to, his Papa.  Together, they enlisted the help of Trent Bell to get MareMare back to her roots of cutting and to teach JT the discipline.  It wasn’t long until the duo had their debut in the ACHA. In JT and MareMare’s first year of cutting they won the Reserve World Title and JT received the Most Improved Youth award.  In 2017, JT’s goal was to win the World Title and he did just that! Not only did he earn the top title, he also received the Red Randolph Youth Scholarship, the Harold Armstrong Inspirational Award and Scholarship., and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition signed by Michael T. McCaul.  As for 2018, JT has endured some changes, he graciously switched horses with his brother, Dakota; and JT is excited that Cletus Hulling has stepped in to continue the training and instructing for them and their horses. JT said he is ready to earn more titles and awards and wants to make a name for himself in the cutting world! Outside the horse world, JT participates in school sports, he was a tailback for the 7th grade football team, and he runs the 800m and 3200m in track. JT is an honor roll student and was recently inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.  JT’s future plan is to attend Texas A&M University and obtain a law degree.  ACHA wishes J. T. the very best and there is no doubt he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do in life.



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2017 Ben Todd Award Cindy McGowan

$25,000 Non Pro Achievement Awards
Jana Lowe and Raena Wharton

Senior Youth McDonald's Shootout
Grant Valdez

Junior Youth McDonald's Shootout
Taylor Mowery

2017 Member Hall of Fame
Mike Crumpler

2017 Non Pro Rider Hall of Fame
Billy Owens and Martha Wilson

2017 Rookie of The Year
Mary Bauer

2017 Top Hand Award
Sponsors Billy & Tracy Owens
Top Hands John Dublin, Cletus Hulling,
Mike McCarty, Trent Bell (not pictured)
and 2018 ACHA President, Mike Combs

2017 High Point Rider
Trent Bell

2017 High Point Horse
Shake Your Budha

Most Improved Youth
Dakota West

2017 World Champions

Visit our photo galleries to view higher quality images.

Non Pro Champion
Bobbie Sue Shore

Open Champion
Cow Magnet / Trent Bell / Laney Sikorski

$50,000 Champion
Annie Hightower

$15,000 Novice Horse Champion
Purrrfect / Trent Bell / Gerry Gehring

$15,000 NH/NP Champion
Desire A Rey / Jessica MacNaughton

$20,000 Non Pro Champion
Leigh Ann Schultz

$3,000 Novice Champion
Tassin N Turnin
Keith Barnett / Paula Barnett

$2,500 Novice Rider Champion
Mary Bauer

$1,000 Novice Rider Champion
Josey Sikorski

JR Youth Champion
J. T. West

SR Youth Champion
Kaylee Campbell

Open Derby World Champion
Perfect Shania / Sean Brown / Stephanie Britt

Non Pro Derby World Champion
Perfect Shania / Stephanie Britt

Open Classic World Champion
Catty Doc Legacy / John L. Dublin / Anita Dublin

Non Pro Classic World Champion
Royalreytraildust / Annie Hightower

2017 Top Ten

1. World Champion - Cow Magnet – Trent Bell – Laney Sikorski
2. Reserve - Smooth Knitty Kitty – John L. Dublin – James Kier
3. Yall Count On Me – Billy Bob Moore – Gerry Gehring
4. Betty On Me – Jonathan Bartok – Mallory Tolleson
5. Tuesdays High Brow – Gary Walker – Gary Walker
6. Missed Me Once – John Stewart – John Stewart
7. Rattle Tap – Mike Combs – Mike Lane
8. Busy Being Little – John L. Dublin – Randy Free
9. WRC Playgun – Ronnie Wartchow – Ronnie Wartchow  
  10.  Jazari – Robert Fuentes – Joy Koch

Non Pro
    1.World Champion – Bobbie Sue Shore
    2. Reserve – James Kier
    3. Jennifer Bowers
    4. Billy Owens
    5. John Hightower
    6. Ryan McCarty Majors
    7. Annie Hightower
    8. Jan Crawford
    9. Ryan Smith
  10. Tony Caporina

    50,000 Non Pro
1. World Champion – Annie Hightower
2. Reserve – Tracy Owens
3. Kristen Garding
4. Martha Wilson
5. Gena Brenner
6. Mallory Williams Tolleson
7. Colton Currie
8. Camille Abbott
9. Terri Rounsaville
  10. John Hightower

15,000 Novice Horse
1.  World Champion – Purrrfect – Trent Bell – Gerry Gehring
2. Reserve – Stylish Reygina – Billy Bob Moore – Lee Barron
3. BV Hollywood Badger – John L. Dublin – Ranessa Crawford
4. Shesa Metallic Lady – Jonathan Bartok – Mallory Williams Tolleson
5. Dolls Starlight – Clint Kolz – Dubina Rose Ranch
6. T Time – Mike McCarty – Kim Bishop
7. Peppy La One – Mike Combs – Gretchen Hawksworth
8. A Royal Dual – Adam Cunningham – Leigh Ann Schultz
9. Pure Hal – Constantine Caloudas – James LaCoste
  10. Pepto Boon Style – Larry Gonzalez – Gerald Abel

20,000 Non Pro
1. World Champion - Leigh Ann Schultz
2. Reserve - Ranessa Crawford
3. Gretchen Hawksworth
4. Monte Locke
5. Iris Baker
6. Kim Bishop
7. Al Pressler
8. Cole Eslyn
9. Emily Bassel
  10. Tina Richardson

15,000 Novice Horse/Non Pro
1.  World Champion – Desire A Rey – Jessica MacNaughton
2. Reserve – Pit Boss – Raena Wharton
3. Betty On Me – Mallory Williams Tolleson
4. Whspotonthegoose – Billy Owens
5. Peptos Lil Lena – Kristen Garding
6. Miss Moneda Rey – Paul Vaughan
7. The Miracle Light – Jennifer Bowers
8. Tummys Smart Lena – Laura Wilson
9. Badgers Pretty Boy – Billy Owens
   10. Im Gonna Play – Helen Osterman

3000 Novice Horse
1. World Champion - Tassin N Turnin – Keith Barnett – Paula Barnett
2. Reserve - Cattessa – Mike Crumpler – Ted Olney
3. Cruzn For Checks – Jonathan Bartok – Mallory Williams Tolleson
4. Mecoms Choice – Adam Cunningham – Leigh Ann Schultz
5. Shesa Metallic Lady – Jonathan Bartok – Mallory Williams Tolleson
6. Smart Lil Augustas – Mark Whitman – Lindsay Pena
7. Kid Mecom Pink – Trent Bell – Laney Sikorski
8. Lady Highbrow Acres – Mike Combs – RR Equine Investments
9. Cheries Little Spot – Mark Whitman – Brent Lodes
10. SW Natural Lil Cat – Mike Crumpler – John Harris

2500 Novice Rider
1. World Champion – Mary Bauer
2.  Reserve – Michelle Hernandez
3. Hannah Venne
4. Anna Marie Schreck
5. Tim Pike
6. Cathryn Myres
7. Lindsay Pena
8. Zach Harbers
9. Marnie Tidwell
    10. D Ann Dean

1000 Novice Rider
1. World Champion - Josey Sikorski
2. Reserve - Mary Bauer
3. Michelle Hernandez
4. Hannah Venne
5. Ellie Schreck
6. Samantha Struhall
7. Sydney Hoyt
8. Mason Smith
9. Cassie Behrends
10. Marnie Tidwell

Sr Youth
1.  World Champion – Kaylee Campbell
2. Reserve – Cheyanne Martin
3.  Iris Baker
4.  Emalee Hoffman
5. Carson Ray
6. Elisabeth Bassel
7. Grant Valdez
8. Lyndie Dunn
9. Peyton Baize
10. Zoey Korenek

Jr Youth
1. World Champion – JT West
2. Reserve – Dakota West
3. John C. Dublin
4. Anna Marie Schreck
5. Ellie Schreck
6. Taylor Mowery
7. Jadeyn Garrett
8. Ashlynn Winzenried
9. Josey Sikorski
  10. Ryder McGehee

Open Derby
1. World Champion – Perfect Shania – Sean Brown – Stephanie Britt
2. Reserve – Candi Eyed Jack – John L. Dublin – Randy Free
3. Uno Rockin – Gary Walker – Carl Tumey
4. CR Tuffys Lil Sis – Gary Walker – Tennessee Walker
5. Gimme Three Cuts – Jonathan Bartok – Mallory Williams Tolleson

Non Pro Derby
1. World Champion - Perfect Shania – Stephanie Britt
2. Reserve - Kitti Rey – Gil Blackburn
3. Metallic Cat CD – Dewayne Stephens
4. Ms Dual Rey – Ryan Smith
5. Bet You Blosson – Richard Green

Open Classic
1. World Champion – Catty Doc Legacy – John L. Dublin – Anita Dublin
2. Reserve – Sweet Lil Billie – Billy Bob Moore – Martha Wilson
3. Bingos Merada – Robert Fuentes – Sam Munroe
4. Fred Claus – Robert Fuentes – Megan Georges
5. Bet Hesa Shorty 012 – Russell McGehee – Russell & Cathy McGehee

Non Pro Classic
1. World Champion – Royalreytraildust – Annie Hightower
2. Reserve – Sweet Lil Billie – Martha Wilson
3. Sweet Pepperika – Gil Blackburn
4. Shanias Pepto – Stephanie Britt
5. Stray Kat Strut – Bo Buckley




In continuance of the American West, and the ranching lifestyle, the American Cutting Horse Association strives to promote cutting horses as a competition sport. The goal of the ACHA is to promote the breeding, training and sport of these great horses in a competitive setting.

By the establishment of rules of conduct for cutting horse contests and the keeping of complete and accurate records of these contests, the ACHA seeks to promote and regulate the showing of cutting horses.

There is a place in the ACHA for contestants and their horses at any level and any goal. ACHA membership consists of people of diverse backgrounds and talents and encourages individuals, families and companies to become involved in the sport of cutting


Upcoming Events

May 18 - 20
ACHA Weekend - Brenham, TX

May 26 - 27
American Southwest Texas CHA - Belton, TX

June 2 & 3
American West Texas CHA - Clyde, TX

June 9
Oklahoma CHA, Corn, OK

June 9 & 10
American South Texas CHA - Brenham, TX


There have been several rule changes for 2017
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